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4 Looked-for Tips for Fire Door Installation in a Building


Fires are inevitable in any construction. They are many floors to a residential or commercial building, and in the situation of a fire, most people in the upper section aren’t able to escape. That is why fire safety should be in the planning strategy of a building or commercial area. And fire doors are essential in this area as they can delay fire spreading for a while and protect building residents. These are an easy escape for the residents than conventional doors and protect them from smoke as well. Here are some tips for the installation of fire doors for complete safety and fire…

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Snickers’ NEW 4-Way Stretch Trousers Give Maximum Mobility


These NEW slim-fit stretch trousers deliver extreme working comfort all day, every day.

Hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs in the NEW multi-purpose ALLROUNDWork 4-Way Stretch Trousers from Snickers Workwear ensure maximum working mobility wherever you are on site.

The 4-way stretch fabrics integrated into these Work Trousers deliver maximum freedom of movement for all kinds of work all year round as well as improved ventilation and overall comfort.

With great fit and superb value for money they have a slimmer tailored fit for better all-round looks and protection against snagging.

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7 tips to choose a cabinet to protect 19” electronics


Depending on the application, choosing the right cabinet might be a challenge. Outside the traditional 19”data communications and telecommunications market, cabinets may be exposed to extreme heat, high dust/contaminants, clean room/laboratories, Radio-Frequency/Electromagnetic interference ( RFI/EMI) and high shock and vibration requirements. To help choose a specific 19” electronics cabinet solution this article introduces seven essential design considerations.

ONE – Design Standards

Depending on your requirements different design standards can apply. Those are defined and developed…

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AI-based inspection software aides post-Public Safety Power Shutdown inspections on America’s West Coast


A transformative Transmission and Distribution ( T&D) inspection solution is supporting post-Public Safety Power Shutdown ( PSPS) inspections across North America’s wildfire-hit West Coast.

Sharper Shape’s ( https: //www. sharpershape. com/) Sharper CORE application is a first-to-market solution that gives utilities a single, holistic view of an electricity T&D system. The software integrates asset inspection data from both manned and unmanned aerial inspections and also data captured by utility workers at ground-level, to create a utility digital twin. Seamless integration of the…

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Tools to help calculate, manage and monitor UPS power consumption


Marc Garner, Vice President, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric UK&I

Power efficiency is a critical concern for today’s data centre operators, especially those seeking to meet increasing digital demands, manage energy costs and minimise CO2 emissions.

Maximising efficiency needs close attention to a number of data centre functions, of which power is one of the most important. The type and design configuration of an uninterruptible power supply ( UPS) , for example, can deliver significant cost savings and lower power consumption for the end user.

Maintaining resilient power…

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Energy Efficiency