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Kosnic: Project & Specification

3 days ago

At Kosnic, the design, development and manufacture of low energy LED solutions is our business.

So is helping our customers think about their lighting and how it can help combat ever increasing energy prices, reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. Lighting will typically account for around 25% to 40% of a buildings energy usage. Kosnic LED lighting can dramatically reduce this, using between 50% and 90% less energy than traditional lamp types such as halogen, fluorescent or filament.

Client Liaison and Site Surveys

To enable us to build a picture of the project, provide…

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AMP Group announce acquisition of the former Harland Simon UPS

4 days ago

AMP Procurement Limited ( AMP) is delighted to announce that we have purchased the Intellectual Property Rights ( IPR) of Harland Simon UPS Limited ( HSUPS) and we have established a new company called AMP Power Protection Limited ( APPL) to run this business. AMP therefore has full rights and access to all designs and documentation of all equipment supplied by HSUPS since 1995 ( over 25 years. )

APPL will provide rugged Power Protection Solutions to customers working in industrial applications, this will include: - custom design, supply, testing, project management, independent…

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Key factors to consider when selecting cabinets for 19” mounted electronic equipment

4 days ago

Alan Cook, Sales Director of Foremost Electronics, the engineering-led Essex based importer and specialist distributor of electromechanical components, recommends designers and systems integrators take into account the following seven key considerations when considering the selection of a suitable cabinet;

Selecting a suitable cabinet for any electronic system can be a challenge. Applications and environmental conditions are major influences on sourcing the correct product. Other than the large 19” datacomms and telecoms markets and clean room or laboratory use, cabinets may be required…

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Dust Extraction System Maintenance: Tips to Keep Dust Collector Running Efficiently

4 days ago

Investing in a dust extraction system in the workplace helps keep equipment and employees safe. After all, the industrial process usually generates hazardous fumes and dust. So make sure you are investing in and installing a high-quality dust extraction system that will work to maintain safety.

It is always wise to look at cost before quality as several types of dust extraction systems are available in the market. However, industrial dust extraction is an area in which one does not want to compromise on safety. Therefore here we have outlined the tips to ensure the safety of your dust…

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Lighting and the Circular Economy webinar – moving towards a sustainable industry


The third Recolight webinar in the Lighting & the Circular Economy series is scheduled for 15 September at 11: 00. It will look at the next steps the lighting industry needs to take to move towards a Circular Economy. This will follow on from the presentations and discussions during the first two webinars.

In the first webinar Defra, Lighting Europe, and Recolight presented new regulations & standards for lighting. In the second presenters challenged lighting producers to be more sustainable and presented solutions to enable this.

Introducing and chairing the webinar series is Ray…

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