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Airedale joins European Code of Conduct for Data Centres

Marianne Evans, Digital Editor


Tags: Energy Efficiency

Topics: Power, Energy Efficiency

Cooling specialist Airedale International is now approved as an Endorser with the European Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency, a voluntary initiative aimed at promoting energy-efficient best practice in data centres.

Managed by the European Commission’s in-house scientific service, the Joint Research Centre, the Code of Conduct was created in response to rising energy consumption in data centres and the need to reduce the related environmental, economic and energy supply security impacts whilst recognising the business-critical function performed by data centres.

The aim of the Code is to improve understanding of energy demand within data centres and help promote energy-efficient best practice, themes that mirror Airedale’s mission of designing the most energy-efficient solutions for data centres which help reduce ownership costs and CO2 emissions.

The Code brings together European decision makers and influencers in the industry - from data centre owners and operators to supply chain and service providers.

Airedale’s technical director, George Hannah, commented: “As a team of engineer designers we already work closely with industry partners, government bodies and academics. By joining the Code we hope to expand our network still further, both in terms of specialisms and geography. Having led on many of the energy-efficiency technologies now in use in UK data centres, we remain focused on helping shape best practice within the industry and sharing knowledge gained through early adoption of advances in technology and virtual engineering techniques towards common cost and environmental objectives.”

Although created in the EU, the Code has global support from a broad range of organisations. Companies such as Arup, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, the Uptime Institute and many others are actively involved either as participants, endorsers or both. Further support is shown by industry bodies like BREEAM who, via their well established Data Centre assessment method, award up to two additional credits for procuring equipment in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Find out more about the code here.



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