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ATEX compliant LEDs

A new range of high powered LED lights has been launched by NeoBulb to offer a solution to the huge time losses and cost implications that result from shutting down operations in order to replace faulty lighting in hazardous industrial plants.

Offering more than seven years of 24 hour continuous usage, NeoBulb’s new Escort ATEX range can considerably reduce manufacturing down-time and resultant operational losses.

Designed specifically for industries that have to deal with explosives, extreme temperatures and ignitable particles, the Escort ATEX range provides energy intensive industries with a simple mechanism for achieving challenging energy reduction targets.

From factories using dangerous explosives, to pharmaceutical facilities with harmful materials, to bakeries with flour filled air, the NeoBulb Escort ATEX range has considerable potential in a range of industries,” explained Simon Leggett,       MD of OCG Lighting, the UK distributor for the NeoBulb Escort range.

The high power LEDs are ATEX compliant, meaning they are suitable for environments with flammable vapours, ignitable dusts, corrosive, wet, dusty, and extremely hot or cold conditions.

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