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Blast machines remove dangerous materials

Electrical Engineering


Tags: Hazardous Area Equipment

Topics: Hazardous Area Equipment, Safety in Engineering

A new range of multi- purpose abrasive blast machines, that can be used for wet and dry applications without the need for any adaptation or additional equipment, have been introduced by Hodge Clemco.

The Aquagrit WDOS machines have been designed to meet the needs of contractors who have to deal with dangerous materials, including asbestos, which require maximum dust suppression.

The machines have hopper capacities of 15, 41 and 73 litres. When used wet, optimum performance is achieved with a purpose-designed Aquagrit media or with garnet across the normal size spectrum.  All types of free-flowing media can be used for dry operation. When in use for wet blasting, the machines can be filled with a hose or pump, and a water separator and water level valve are included as standard equipment.


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