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Certified thermographers courses throughout the UK

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: Test & Measurement

Topics: Test & Measurement

Thermal imaging is getting smarter. Even troubleshooting infrared cameras have standard features that were once only the preserve of top-of-the-range models. Sophisticated user interfaces allow simple point and shoot operation. One click saves the image in a variety of modes, complete with embedded thermal data for subsequent analysis.

Essentially this is good news but, although the technology is exceptionally easy to apply, the need for training is more important than ever. It is vital that the camera user understands the science behind thermal imaging. Without it, thermal images are virtually meaningless and findings are at risk of serious misinterpretation.

FLIR Systems Infrared Training Centre (ITC) is an accredited authorised training organisation for the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and it has just confirmed its programme for 2019 that spans three levels of certified competence; Categories I, II and III. The course duration for Category I and III is four days and for Category II it’s five days.

A new three-day course for Optical Gas Imaging has also been introduced to this year’s programme in response to a growing interest in the use of infrared to pinpoint the source of industrial gas leaks.

To register for any of the follow go to www.irtraining.eu


Start date                             Course                          Location________

Mon 25th March ’19              ITC I                                 West Malling, Kent

Tues 9th April ’19                  Optical Gas Imaging           West Malling, Kent

Mon 29th April ’19                 ITC I                                 Fareham

Mon 20th May ’19                  ITC I                                 Stockton-on-Tees

Mon 17th June ’19                ITC I                                  Lymm, Cheshire

Mon 24th June ’19                ITC I                                  Bristol

Mon 1st July ’19                    ITC I                                 West Malling, Kent

Mon 8th July ’19                    ITC II                                West Malling, Kent

Mon 16th Sept ’19                 ITC I                                  Stockton-on-Tees

Mon 23rd Sept ’19                ITC I                                   Nottingham

Tues 8th October ’19           Optical Gas Imaging              West Malling, Kent

Mon 28th October ’19           ITC I                                   Lymm, Cheshire

Mon 11th Nov ’19                  ITC III                                West Malling, Kent

Mon 18th Nov ’19                  ITC I                                  Cardiff

Mon 25th Nov ‘19                  ITC I                                  Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Mon 2nd Dec ’19                   ITC I                                  West Malling, Kent

Mon 9th Dec ’19                    ITC I                                  West Malling, Kent


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