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DART-ing ahead on the race track

Carly Wills, Editor


Tags: News

Thirty-five Technical University Darmstadt students from various disciplines, including computer science and mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering, have worked together to form the impressive TU Darmstadt Racing Team e.V. 

Their goal was to build a formula racing car that not only emits a low carbon footprint, but also outraces the competition. 

The student team, also known as DART-Racing, is dedicated to promoting science, research, and education in the field of electric vehicle manufacturing. The energetic student-led team had designed its first all-electric racing bolide by 2011. The team only picked up steam from there. In the 2017 season, the team committed itself to autonomous driving and was able to present the first fully autonomous racing car in the club’s history: the ‘myD2017’. 

Amada Miyachi Europe and the DART-Racing team enjoy a close relationship. In addition to being a major sponsor of the team, Amada Miyachi Europe supplies battery pack manufacturing expertise and laser welding technology. Students utilised the equipment and Amada Miyachi Europe manufacturing facilities to weld battery packs for the high-voltage battery pack in the team’s latest FS Class 1 electric racing car.

For this vehicle’s battery, the welding connection needed to be strong enough to absorb the corresponding power load, as well as accommodate stresses during racing, such as G-forces and vibration. Here, Amada Miyachi Europe’s expertise was paramount to ensuring that the welding performs properly. 

Drawing power from a specially assembled and custom-engineered battery pack, the racing vehicle outputs a maximum power of 85kW at 1500rpm. The students have kept the car design in line with their dedication to sustainability and low emission.

The race car has competed throughout Europe. The car qualified for several races including FS Austria, FS Germany; and FS Spain. 

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