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Dust Extraction System Maintenance: Tips to Keep Dust Collector Running Efficiently

Niamh Marriott, Editor

6 days ago

Tags: News

Investing in a dust extraction system in the workplace helps keep equipment and employees safe. After all, the industrial process usually generates hazardous fumes and dust. So make sure you are investing in and installing a high-quality dust extraction system that will work to maintain safety.

It is always wise to look at cost before quality as several types of dust extraction systems are available in the market. However, industrial dust extraction is an area in which one does not want to compromise on safety. Therefore here we have outlined the tips to ensure the safety of your dust extraction system.

Before investing in any dust extraction system, make sure your company needs it and find out what extractor system will suit your company most. Also, consider your company budget on how much you can spend on buying a system and how much you can invest in its maintenance. Make sure to consider all the pros and cons before installing a system.

1.              Use the Right Parts

Make sure your dust extraction system is using the right parts from a filter-cleaning system, blower, dust receptacle, dust filter to baghouse solenoids and cartridges, valves, and fans. Each tool plays its part to ensure the collector is working at the design point.

2.              Make Sure Hopper is Dust Free

Your system’s duct collector’s hopper should never store dust. This part is responsible for carrying dust to the bin. Dust collecting in your hopper can create a potential risk of deflagration or fire. Moreover, accumulating dust in this part can diminish the collector and clog the system.

3.              Pressure Rating

First, find a dust extraction company that offers a high-quality system that needs low maintenance and care. When you choose an industrial dust extraction system with high-pressure ratings, it will make your task easy. Moreover, if you invest in a system that already has proper protection equipment, then this will decrease the overall protection cost.

Compressed air pressure is essential for the longevity and performance of the system. If the pressure is low, it means filters need to be replaced. Plus, the compressed air should be water and oil-free, and the amount should be enough for all users performing their jobs simultaneously

4.              Ductwork

Make sure when you are investing in a dust extraction system, you are buying high-quality ductwork. You may invest in the best system, but if your ductwork is of low grade or lacks crucial tools like valves and dampers, it will not be worth it. Because if you are working with low-grade ductwork, it will increase the risk of explosive malfunctions and cause many other serious threats.

5.              Do Filters Look Dirty?

Well, the rule in the dust extraction system is that you don’t touch its filters even if they look dirty. Why? Because it is proof that your dust collecting system is working perfectly. The only way to note whether your system needs to change the filters are not is to check the pressure.

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