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EPLAN achieves Schneider Electric Gold CAPP status

Marianne Evans, Digital Editor


Tags: News

CAE software specialist EPLAN has been awarded Gold partner status in Schneider Electric’s Collaborative Automation Partner Programme (CAPP). The aim of collaborative automation is to maximise productivity by building on open automation platforms and strategies to benefit customers’ business objectives and economic prosperity.

EPLAN was chosen to become a Gold CAPP member in the Solution Lifecycle Integrated category. The Gold member status is awarded to preferred partners bringing distinct capabilities to cooperate with Schneider Electric at the highest levels, both commercially and technically. These companies are chosen for their competence and know-how in developing automation, energy efficient and sustainable solutions for mutual customers in industry markets.

Thanks to the CAE solutions it develops, EPLAN is the go-to name for advice on how companies can optimise their engineering processes. Customers profit from increased efficiency in their product development process through standardised procedures, automated sequences and consistent workflows.

Broadly speaking, EPLAN’s areas of expertise fall into three categories: electrical control technology; standards and CE conformance; and planning and dimensioning of electrical drives. The company is active in a variety of industry sectors including food and beverage, water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas, electrical hoisting, lift, packaging, energy, HVAC, conveying and textiles.

“Being awarded Gold CAPP Partner status is a fantastic recognition of our abilities as a solution provider,” said Ken Christie, UK director at EPLAN. “However, achieving the work doesn't stop with achieving Gold Status. Our commitment to continual improvement remains strong and we’re excited about working with fellow CAPP partners unearth even greater opportunities for the future.”

Dave Sutton, product marketing manager at Schneider Electric commented: "It's great to work with EPLAN as a pro-active collaborative partner. Collectively we are able to provide an enriched, tested, documented, validated scope of solutions to our customers"

Schneider Electric has also recently announced that EPLAN has become its major E-CAD solutions provider to design the products of its Energy division on a global scale.

EPLAN Platform enables Schneider Electric to optimise its complete workflow from design to production. The solution helps to structure and to centralise the components database and facilitate knowledge management. All the know-how is embedded, up-to-date and available for each entity. With the EPLAN Platform, Schneider Electric targets to significantly increase productivity by standardising all the components and reusing them.

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