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Explosion proof air conditioner (ATEX and EAC-EX) for zone 2 hazardous areas

Lisa Peake, Editor


Tags: Enclosures

Topics: Enclosures

All new explosion proof air conditioner (ATEX and EAC-EX) developed for both high ambient dessert conditions and low ambient Nordic conditions. These split units are developed for safe use in zone 2 gas/vapor explosive atmospheres

The cooling ac units are certified according to the latest European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and hold the latest EAC-EX certification for the Eurasian (Russia) region. The sets consist of explosion proof outdoor unit, indoor unit and remote control. They are available as heat pump with both heating and cooling function, in addition they can also be used for cooling only purposes as well.

Advantage of these split systems is that either the outdoor or indoor unit can be ATEX rated. If the outside area is classified as a safe area, for example in the case of storage of chemicals and other hazardous materials, sets are available with explosion proof ATEX rated indoor unit and normal outdoor unit. In case of for example temporary living quarters on offshore platforms where the inside is classified as a safe area, sets are available with an ATEX rated outdoor unit and a normal indoor unit.

The units are pre-filled with environmental friendly R410A refrigerant, all feature of a normal air conditioner remain intact, making the units are easy to install by any local cooling installer.


  • Explosion safety level: II 3G ; Ex ic nAC IIB T3 Gc
  • 220-240VAC (wider voltage input range on request)
  • 50/60Hz 

Applications: Hazardous material storage, analyzer cabinets, petro chemical plants and oil and gas extraction sites.

For more information or custom solutions please contact our sales department or visit our website www.atexxo.com

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