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Finning supplies Quick Response Modules (QRMs) to EDF Energy’s Japanese Earthquake Response Programme

Finning UK has secured a contract to provide a fleet of Quick Response Modules (QRMs) for deployment to any of the UK’s nuclear stations in the event of an earthquake, tsunami or other site emergency’s.

EDF Energy set up the Japanese Earthquake Response Programme immediately after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in March 2011. The programme was initiated to identify a number of potential failure scenarios, should a similar event occur in the future.

Finning has been working with EDF Energy over the past 12 months to develop and certify an emergency power generation package that complies with new, stringent requirements put in place for the nuclear industry, following the disaster in Fukushima.

Building on this relationship, EDF Energy’s Japanese Earthquake Response team tasked Finning with designing easily deployable, quick response, low maintenance, emergency generator packages that would be flexible to cover multiple modes of operation in a number of failure scenarios. This equipment would be stored at secure off site locations around the UK and deployed rapidly in the event of an emergency.

Each Quick Response Module (QRM) from Finning is designed to accommodate off road terrain movement, rough handling and multi-lifting methods including ISO container points, forklift pockets and a Container Handling Equipment Manufacturers (CHEM) Hook loading point. Each QRM comprises of 10 container-packaged generators, 10 container packaged switchboards and 50 meters of distribution cabling, the generators feature synchronising controllers, remote refuelling points, low ambient kits and EDF status and warning systems.

A demonstration of the QRMs to EDF Energy took place in March 2013, with final delivery to EDF Energy completed in June 2013.

The Finning Quick Response Module is designed to provide low maintenance, quick deployment emergency power generation.

Each Quick Response Module from Finning is designed to be easily transported and capable of withstanding rough handling and multi-lifting methods.

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