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First portable 22kW charging station approved

Carly Wills, Editor


Tags: News

Juice Technology AG, manufacturer of portable charging stations for electric cars, announces that Juice Booster 2 is TÜV SÜD-certified. This company is said to be the first manufacturer to have a 22kW portable charging station successfully tested by TÜV SÜD to prove compliance with the latest IEC 62752 requirements.

Alongside user-friendliness and ease of operation, quality and safety are top priorities for Juice Technology AG when it develops and manufactures its full range of charging stations and solutions. This is precisely why the Swiss company was so keen to make this fact clear to its regular customers worldwide and to seek certification from an independent body.

The harmonised IEC 62752 standard covers portable charging stations across the world. This complex tome sets out technical requirements and test instructions to guarantee safe and reliable charging stations. Manufacturers who are able to display the familiar CE marking on their equipment can use it to confirm that their product complies with the latest specific European guidelines. 

“Unfortunately, given that this is a very new sector, there are some products on the market that don’t comply with the standards. But the customer must be able to rely on the functionality and safety of the charging infrastructure – no ifs or buts. Having Juice Booster 2 TÜV-certified is the ideal situation, and a pioneering step in the right direction,” said Krispin Romang, managing director of Swiss eMobility, an association promoting the development of electromobility in Switzerland.

Christoph Erni, founder and CEO of Juice Technology AG, added, “The time was definitely right to seek confirmation from a neutral body, with experience in e-mobility, like TÜV SÜD, and now we can show that Juice Booster 2 complies with the guidelines in every respect.”

The whole testing programme takes three months from start to finish. The equipment has to undergo extensive electrical and mechanical tests, to say nothing of leak tests, stability and vibration checks. Over 40 Juice Booster 2 devices were put through a gruelling test regime and passed with flying colours in all aspects.

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