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Fully integrating all elements required for data centre lighting

Carly Wills, Editor


Tags: Data Centre Management

Topics: Data Centre Management

In order to achieve the most appropriate, reliable and sustainable lighting infrastructure within a data centre, it is advisable to engage with a solutions provider that can fully integrate all of the various elements required, namely the latest LED lighting technology, an intelligent lighting control system and a dedicated emergency lighting system.   

On Stand D60 at Data Centre World 11/12 March, Zumtobel will be exhibiting its latest product innovations that will have a positive impact on energy usage in data centres and reduce associated manual maintenance costs whilst creating a safer, more flexible lighting solution that can be quickly and easily adapted to suit changing requirements.

The products on display will include Tecton, a continuous-row luminaire integrated into multifunctional trunking that supports functions such as power supply, lighting control and connection to emergency lighting. Luminaires can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adapted to suit structural alterations at any time, while the Tecton trunking remains unchanged and forms the functional backbone of the system. It is simply a matter of replacing or adding lighting modules, light sources or optics as required.

Zumtobel’s Resclite will also be on display. With a power LED and four sophisticated optics, RESCLITE paves the way for a new era of emergency lighting, providing maximum efficiency and optimal light distribution and requiring lower number of luminaires for emergency lighting in conformity with relevant standards. Resclite operates completely independent of general lighting and requires no tool mounting so installation and maintenance are quick and easy.

In addition, Zumtobel’s Litecom, a pioneering and innovative open lighting management system combines intuitive control via apps with easy installation and operation using an individual controller with also be featured. For users, Litecom means easy configuration, intuitive user guidance and maximum flexibility, which is made possible thanks to the synthesis of controller, touch panel and software within one system. Litecom reduces complexity and can easily be controlled in an uncomplicated manner via any PC, smart phone or tablet using web technology.   

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