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Global challenge for the fast development of ventilators to treat COVID-19

Carly Wills, Editor


Tags: News

Ennomotive, the hub for engineering innovations, has launched a non-profit online competition for the ideation of low-cost, easy-to build solutions. The goal is to speed up the availability of ventilators in hospitals everywhere to help patients with coronavirus.

The number of people affected by the pandemic doubles every three days in many countries and the demand for ventilators is sky high. 

Ennomotive has joined other international initiatives for the development of easy-to-build ventilators and makes its global community of 20,000 engineers available to face the challenge.

Based on its experience, ennomotive has chosen to focus on solutions that can adapt or reuse widely used standard industrial components or that use other easy-to-access and universal everyday life elements.

This online challenge is open worldwide to any engineering professional, company, tech centre, maker or scholar from different industries and technical backgrounds that want to propose a solution for this challenge. The final goal is to make a key contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solutions resulting from this challenge will be open to the public and ennomotive will fund the development of the best prototypes in the next round. Given the urgency, the first deadline for submissions is 25 March.

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