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Helmet and gloves

Electrical Engineering


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The hand and forearm region is particularly at risk of being burnt by arc faults whilst working on electrical installations. The DEHNcare Arc Fault Tested APG  gloves provide protection and comply with the relevant laws and regulations having been extensively tested in box tests in accordance with IEC 61482.

The DEHNcare Arc Fault Tested APG gloves offer protection against second degree skin burns caused by arc faults and thermal and mechanical risks, plus they offer wearing comfort due to breathable materials,  touch sensitivity and different size options.

Accident statistics show that the face region is frequently affected by severe burns. The DEHN safety helmet with arc fault protected face shield prevents second degree skin burns. It protects the face and head region from flying debris and splashes and, at the same time, offers maximum wearing comfort. The visor is coated with nanoparticles and is thus robust and scratch-proof.

Features of the safety helmet include anti-mist coating, natural colour reproduction, high light transmittance, plus it has a high degree of protection due to nanotechnology, energy absorbing and low wear.



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