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How a case erector can increase productivity and safety in the workplace

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: Health & Safety

Topics: Health & Safety, Safety in Engineering

While a plant manager’s role and specific responsibilities may vary depending on the industry and the products they are making/packaging, one thing they tend to share is the same common goal. As a plant manager, much of the focus is on how they can increase productivity in a safe and effective manner.

Finding ways to speed up the processes, increase the output, and cut down on costs is a constant struggle, especially when it needs to be done in a way that keeps employees safe. Simply speeding up a line isn’t usually a great answer, as you then start to risk your employee’s safety and this is also when accidents can happen, and quality control can take a hit. This is where it can be helpful to look into automation options, more specifically a case erector.

If your plant uses cases for packaging, then you know better than anyone how time-consuming they are to erect, plus there is the fact that you may require more than one employee for the task, which is a cost factor. So, is a case erector something that could be worth investing in? Being aware of its benefits can certainly make the decision clearer.

What is a packaging case erector?

A packaging case erector is an automated piece of machinery that is able to produce a bottom-sealed case in a speedy manner. Each box will come out square, so you know that it will be sturdy and up to your specifications. Take a look at the INSITE packaging case erector which features photo eyes to ensure that each and every case is squared before the machine seals it. It eliminates any chance of human error when putting the case together, which can then affect the integrity of the case.

A safe and ergonomic approach

These automated machines also address safety and ergonomics, both of which are important in any factory setting. These machines are constructed in a manner that makes it easy for the operator to control in a safe area, and without having to stand in an uncomfortable or unhealthy way for hours at a time.

Machines such as the one from INSITE will even limit the loading strain on employees, again giving another safety measure. These machines reduce the amount of repetitive stress and motion, which then reduces the risk of injury on the job.

The ability to customise

Of course, not all warehouses have the same needs, which is why these types of machines are also customisable. While there are some standard specifications, others can be tweaked in order to provide the plant with the optimum level of productivity.

Reduce the number of damaged products during shipping

As mentioned, because the case erector is able to produce perfectly squared boxes each and every time, you won't be dealing with as many damaged products during shipping. The box will have its full integrity in order to protect the product inside.

An investment that can be worth it

A case erector can prove to be an incredibly useful and powerful tool in your factory’s arsenal of machinery, helping to speed up the process, cut back on costs, and reduce injury in the workplace.

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