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Identify cables 3 times faster with BradyPrinter A5500

Electrical Engineering


Print and apply cable flags in 5 seconds with the BradyPrinter A5500 Flag Printer Applicator for more production output. See the video and calculate your ROI!

Experienced operators can print and manually apply a flag label on a cable in 15 seconds. With the new BradyPrinter A5500 Flag Printer Applicator they can significantly increase production output by flagging cables in 5 seconds.

  • save money by eliminating the need to print labels in advance and the time needed to apply them by hand
  • sustainably prints and applies flag labels in 5 seconds
  • can identify a wide range of cables via a modern user interface with full colour touch screen
  • is easy to implement in production environments with USB ports and ethernet connectivity

Discover our wire identification automation solutions and calculate your return on investment.

See the BradyPrinterA5500 in action!


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