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Indoor or outdoor protection

Joe Bush, Editor


Tags: Enclosures

Topics: Enclosures

Specifically designed for the installation of terminal strips on DIN-rails and the protection of sensors or other electronic components, FIBOX’s new ALU enclosure series provides users with robust housings for indoor and outdoor applications.

The aluminium enclosures are corrosion resistant, and can withstand high mechanical stress and, thanks to IK08 shock resistance, their surfaces cannot be damaged by accidentally dropped tools. Additionally, the conductive properties of aluminium reliably protect electronic components within the enclosure from electromagnetic interference.

Available with maximum ratings of IP66/67, the enclosures protect the interior space from dust and water, and according to NEMA requirements, the ALU series is approved for the ratings 1, 4, 4X, 6, 12, and 13. The enclosures also prevent the ingress of dust and sprayed oil or coolants, and are available with UL and ATEX certifications. The ALU series consists of 22 enclosure sizes with measurements between 50 x 45 x 32 and 310 x 600 x 180mm.

Basic equipment consists of an enclosure base with threaded holes which can be fitted with a mounting plate or DIN-rails, a cover with a neoprene or PUR gasket, and stainless steel cover screws. Accessories include electrogalvanised steel mounting plates, DIN 15 and DIN 35 mounting rails, cover, mounting and grounding screws, hinges and wall mounting tabs. ALU enclosures are suitable for a -40 to 125°C temperature range.

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