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Lighting control and its benefits

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: Lighting

Topics: Lighting

A good lighting design will also incorporate a lighting control system. Controls play a critical role within a building infrastructure to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

A well-designed system will enable end users to either manually or automatically turn the lights ON and OFF using a switch and/or adjust light output up and down using a dimmer. Lighting levels can also be monitored and altered with the use of a photocell which automatically dims and maintains light levels according to ambient lux levels. In addition, presence detectors can be installed to ensure the building operates at the optimum energy efficiency when it is unoccupied.

Ensuring the ambient lighting needs of an employee are met by adjusting the intensity of one or more layers of lighting in a space; the lighting control system can:

• Change space appearance

• Facilitate different functions of the space

• Alter atmosphere and mood

• Reduce glare

• Provide the end user the ability to manage the lighting set up

Lighting Controls Ltd was established in the United Kingdom in 2004. Operating at the forefront of lighting technology for over a decade, we have launched some of the most innovative products existing in today's market. With the launch of our new micro presence detector (with a 15mm mounting hole size when mounted within a luminaire), as well our BESA mounted presence  detector we can provide some of the most discreet, aesthetically pleasing control systems on the market.

Our touchscreen floor controller provides lighting control on a floor by floor basis enabling clients full control of the lighting levels within their area and can be programmed to enable emergency monitoring and reporting.

We have designed, supplied, and commissioned control systems for almost every type of environment, including schools, hotels, casinos, business parks, domestic, airports, spas, theatres, offices and shopping centres.

For a full list of products and services please visit www.lightingcontrols.ltd.uk

T: 01252 470027
E: info@lightingcontrols.ltd.uk
W: www.lightingcontrols.ltd.uk

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