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Luxbox Emergency Lighting: A Year In Review

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: Lighting

Topics: Lighting

What a year 2018 was for Luxbox Emergency Lighting! It was our first full year of trading and we think we’ve really made our mark. We’re taking all that’s great about the emergency lighting industry at the moment and boxing it all up to make it simple and accessible for all. So, what were the big successes for 2018?

The LED revolution presented a challenge: is it possible to produce a module whose design can be as unobtrusive as the light source? The Ultra-slim, one of our flagship products launched at LuxLive last year, did just that. At just 11mm high, it’s the world’s slimmest emergency module and it’s taking the market by storm. It was also shortlisted for a Lux Award in 2018, an achievement we’re very proud of.

In April, we were excited to join the illustrious band of Ambassadors of the LIA Academy. Working at the cutting edge of lighting technology, we need a skilled workforce coming through to help us deliver our aims. The Academy, with the support of its Ambassadors, will be integral to that development.

We’re leading the industry with our latest environmental pledge: by 2020, we will no longer use NiCd batteries. Instead, we’ll be using LiFePO4 batteries. This new generation of battery is not only a much better choice environmentally, it’s a clear winner for its superior performance and cost-saving abilities. This is just another example of how we’re embracing all the latest innovations in the industry and finding ways they can help improve our offering.

In October, Lux Review Magazine named us as one of their “10 disruptors to meet” at LuxLive. We couldn’t be more pleased with that title! Being disruptive in business can be a really positive trait, when put to the right use. It was time that the emergency lighting industry had a bit of a shake up to take advantage of all the latest technological breakthroughs and we’re happy to be leading the way.

After getting off to a cracking start in 2018, we’re really excited about what 2019 might bring. There are lots of opportunities to develop the emergency lighting industry still further, and we look forward to leading the charge!

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