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Mackwell’s new N-light EC for emergency lighting systems

Marianne Evans, Digital Editor


Tags: Lighting

Topics: Lighting

The new N-light EC from Mackwell provides an efficient approach to installing, powering and monitoring emergency lighting systems.  N-light EC achieves this by using category cables so that monitoring and testing an emergency lighting system can be completed without the need for additional wiring. N-light EC is a central component for powering and commissioning emergency lighting systems, specifically designed to be used alongside general lighting that operates on a Smart building platform to create a complete lighting solution.

One of the key advantages of the N-light EC is that all components are powered, commissioned and monitored via a plug-in category cable, making installation simple and cost effective. Using a category cable, connecting devices is as simple as plugging the connecting pin into the port on the emergency product, with the remaining connecting pin being plugged into the N-light EC, thus eradicating wiring errors.

Mackwell’s N-light EC has three ports to provide a mixed configuration for powering emergency lighting: one for maintained emergency lighting and two that are capable of powering maintained and non-maintained emergency lighting. The number of devices that can be connected to each port is determined by the number of consumed power units that each connected product requires.  This is simple to determine and details can be found on compatible Mackwell product datasheets.

Designed with flexible mounting options for use in standard rack mountings of 66.68mm x 2412.45mm x 309mm, up to two units can be installed in a rack space.

N-light EC has an integrated fault indicator for live system health status and is fully configurable to enable tailoring to the user’s exact requirements. Power and communication are integrated, which eliminates the need for any extra wiring. 

N-light EC is the latest addition to Mackwell’s emergency product portfolio which includes high performance luminaires, super-discrete integrated emergency products and architectural exit signs to cater for a wide range of applications.

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