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MARECHAL focuses on safety - Combination Units with Integrated Protection

Electrical Engineering



MARECHAL ELECTRIC has launched a new range of industrial electrical combination units fitted with its switched sockets.  Sixteen configurations are available with DECONTACTOR ™ sockets ranging from 16 to 63 A. Compact and robust to IK09, the CD range of combination unit sockets have a patented integral switching mechanism which eliminates the need for any additional rotary switch and can be used by multi-skilled staff. Their safety is guaranteed via MCBs or RCDs as required

Electrical protection

For factory installations, MARECHAL ELECTRIC’s new CD combination units can be configured with 1 or 2 MARECHAL® socket outlets or DSN or DS series DECONTACTOR™ sockets. The boxes feature a main 30 mA switch (1x40A 3P + N) and mcbs (eg CB PC1: 1x16A 1P+N, PC2: 1x32A 3P+N).

The MARECHAL® DECONTACTOR™ technology also includes spring-loaded, silver-nickel butt contacts which provide consistently high performance even in onerous environments such as the food and beverage industries.

Ergonomic and simple to use

The combination unit is designed with two separate access panels  - one for the incoming cable terminals and the other for the mcbs. Supplied with both the circuit protection and sockets pre-wired, on-site  installation time is reduced to a minimum.  Fixing screws are of stainless steel and captive. Up to 16 sizes of combination unit are available to suit most installation requirements.

Once installed, the decontactor sockets are simple and safe to use. The socket is fitted with a plug release latch. When pressed, the plug is ejected by means of the spring-loaded contacts to a parked ‘off-load’ position. The plug at this point is dead and can be twisted and removed or re-inserted into the socket. With the plug removed, visible isolation is achieved.  To comply with LOTO requirements, sockets can be supplied with a padlocking facility. IP66/IP67 is achieved with plug in or socket lid shut.

Safety and simplicity

Complying with CEI EN 61439-1 and CEI EN 61439-3, the combination unit comprises two hinged sections. The upper section features a window which offers an optional padlock for additional protection. The lower section provides fast access to the terminals with a wiring capacity ranging from 2 x 1.5 mm² to 5 x 35 mm².

Main features

Socket outlets 1 or 2 MARECHAL® socket outlets or DECONTACTOR™ sockets
Material Impact-resistant thermoplastic (IK09)
Protection mode IP66/IP69k - IP44 with domestic sockets
Rated current From 16 to 63 A
Cable entries M50 max. Pre-wired ready for installation.
Assembly 10 modules max.

For more information on marechal.com: Download the CD product sheet.

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