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New free standing SE 8 enclosure

Joe Bush, Editor


Tags: Enclosures

Topics: Enclosures

The new SE 8 enclosure from Rittal is a standardised system which can be used in many areas of industry and in building services management. Typical fields of application are compact machinery and equipment, whose power distribution and automation components can be accommodated in one single enclosure.

Unlike baying suites with frames and removable side panels, the body of Rittal’s SE 8 consists of two side panels and a roof made from one piece of sheet steel.
Depending on size, SE 8 enclosures are available as one or two door models. One particular advantage is that due to the absence of a centre bar, doors can overlap and the 1,800mm wide, two door system enclosures offer unimpeded access to complete mounting plates and switch panels.

Due to the TS 8 sections on the side panels the user can now easily install the complete range of accessories familiar from the baying system in the SE 8.  System accessories include virtually all the products needed in enclosure configuration. Accessories range from enclosure lights through to climate control solutions.

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