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New systems developed to maximise hatchability of chicks

Marianne Evans, Digital Editor


Tags: Enclosures

Topics: Enclosures

The ultimate goal of any hatchery is to maximise hatchability and chick quality. Founded in 1948 in Cleveland, Ohio, Chick Master is arguably one of the most established, experienced and successful hatchery producers in the world.

Based on their long history of growth and innovation, Chick Master has developed a number of highly successful and efficient incubation systems that are basically designed to recover heat from the developing embryos and recycle it into the incoming hatchery environment.

Whilst focusing on the dynamic link between ventilation and incubation, Chick Master chose Fibox to supply two sizes of the ARCA IEC enclosure range (ARCA 403015 and ARCA 604021) to house and protect the vital Zeus RiO ventilation control systems, which is at the heart of their new CC3 2700 and 5400 systems that are optimised to manage hatcheries or facilitate hatchery expansions producing from 190,000 to 380,000 eggs per week.

With more than 30 units in operation worldwide, and many more on order for shipping throughout the year; especially those intended for the North and South American markets, the CC3-GL systems are far more than HVAC systems; they’re intelligent energy management systems which offer countless benefits, energy savings and peace of mind to chicken producers worldwide.

At the heart of each CC3-GL is the state-of-the-art Zeus RiO ventilation room controller, which also regulates water pumps, the air handling unit and a heat recovery system for energy savings.

Chick Master chose Fibox ARCA cabinets as a viable and cost effective alternative to stainless steel. It was important that the enclosures did not corrode, were tough and could easily withstand regular clean-down. Being much lighter than steel, the Fibox ARCA cabinets were welcomed by their installation teams and, aesthetically, Fibox ARCA looks great in any application. Fibox supply the ARCA cabinets direct from their manufacturing facility in Poland with the product logo already silk screen printed onto the door, Chick Master then machine and fit a touch screen into the larger of the two cabinets as needed by the particular application. Machining of Fibox ARCA is easy, the removable hinge pins allow Chick Master to remove the doors and simply customise them as required. Refitting the doors and still achieving IP66 couldn’t be simpler.

Through its rich history, development and worldwide reputation for quality, Chick Master continues to lead and to address the needs and demands of today’s and tomorrow’s large hatcheries.

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