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New UK HQ for Flexicon Europe

Joe Bush, Editor


Tags: News

Keith Bourton, managing director of Flexicon Europe has announced that the company has moved into its new UK headquarters - a significantly larger facility that increases manufacturing area, office space and operational efficiencies, and accommodates a larger staff.

The company was previously located in Herne Bay, Kent, where it occupied a primary facility, and subsequently expanded by adding an adjacent manufacturing plant. “The Whitstable facility not only expands our total area, but consolidates it under one roof with large open spaces, significantly improving production flow and manufacturing capacity,” said Bourton.

Administrative space has doubled and includes new conference facilities for visiting customers and an expanded staff of technical sales personnel responsible for sales throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Fully renovated, the company owned building is outfitted with energy saving lighting and heating systems, and is strategically located in an industrial park with rapid access to motorways and hotels.

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