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NEW! Universal smart enclosure for electrical applications



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CamdenBoss, a leading manufacturer of electrical mechanical components and electronic enclosures, has launched its latest engineered enclosure solution. Working closely alongside some of the largest IoT installers and electrical device designers, they have captured their needs and portrayed these in their latest product offering. 

The 1500 series universal smart enclosure is CamdenBoss’ most innovative yet. The engineered design features provide the means for product designers to get the most out of their enclosure. The 45° angles on the base provide mounting capabilities not seen before from CamdenBoss; rivalling and outclassing existing products on the market, with flexibility and practicality. The unique shape, paired with the well-developed 45° mounting bracket, allows it to fit directly into the corner of a room or structure, with ease. Irregular or misaligned walls can cause issues for enclosures that are manufactured for corner mounting; however, this is non-existent for the 1500 series which tackles this easily. The bracket requires only one face/wall to be fixed to and is attached to the enclosure by using two modernising slide-and-clip in lugs. This unique feature allows the universal smart enclosure to be mounted and dismounted at any time. Security is implemented by the use of an extra screw point on the bracket, should the installer or end user not wish it be removed, preventing theft or vandalism to the electronic device. 

With the introduction of a base with two 45°, the enclosure also gains a further two faces. The internal space has been designed to ensure that all of these faces can be used without hassle, by removing any unnecessary ribbing. The internal area has been maximised to provide ample space for electrical components, PCB assemblies and cable entry points for mains electric sources. There are two sets of PCB pillars inside the base, set at different levels, allowing multiple boards to be used in unison, or single boards to be set at the desired position and level. There are a further two sets on the lid, again at different heights which are ideal if LCD’s are to be used in the design.

This innovative enclosure is available in one size, with a choice of three colours: black, white and grey. It is also available as a solid or vented base that lend themselves for applications such as air quality monitoring, access control, lighting management and smart temperature devices. The 1500 series comes with a top cover featuring a large square recess, ideal for overlays, keypad membranes or digital printing; along with a base which the lid can be attached with the use of a single screw, delivering a quick and easy assembly.

Moulded using UL94-V0 ABS material, the 1500 series possesses modern aesthetics with practical features, making in an ideal enclosure for today’s electrical and electronic market.

Need your 1500 series customised? No problem, we offer a full in-house customisation service complete with CNC machining, product coating and digital printing.

CamdenBoss’ extensive range of enclosures cater for electrical and electronic applications across the industry, from heavy duty high IP rated enclosures to small potting boxes and development board housings. Make sure you check out the rest of the range at www.camdenboss.com. Alternatively, call our sales team on 01638 716101 who are on hand to guide you through your next project.

To find out more about the new 1500 series universal smart enclosure, visit https://www.camdenboss.com/1500-series/

CamdenBoss Ltd, 60 James Carter Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7DE, UK
+44 (0) 1638 716101

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