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New Whitepaper on the ErP Directive

Joe Bush, Editor


Tags: Energy Efficiency

Topics: Power, Energy Efficiency

Power management company Eaton is offering its customers a new whitepaper that illustrates the challenges involved in all aspects of energy efficiency and describes potential savings.

In Europe the issue of energy efficiency is currently a major concern for the majority of producing companies. With the introduction of ErP Directive 2009/125/EC by the EU, these companies are faced with the challenge of further reducing their energy consumption and thus also the CO2 emissions within the industry.

With over two thirds of the electrical power consumed, electrical drives represent the lion's share of energy consumption in industrial manufacturing. Considerable energy savings are therefore still possible in electrical drive engineering in particular. This can be effectively leveraged through the intelligent use of automation in conjunction with motor starters or variable frequency drives. The key factor here is finding the right solution for the application at hand.

In his 12 page white paper entitled ‘Successful Implementation of the ErP Directive’, Dipl.-Ing. Heribert Joachim, senior project manager, Drives at Eaton, illustrates these potential savings in electrical drive engineering. The author vividly explains and illustrates the recent issues, showing savings potentials in concrete examples and presenting different technical solutions. The publication also provides practical help on deciding the most suitable optimisation approach for the application at hand.

Interested readers wishing to find out more about how to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs can obtain the white paper as a free pdf download after completing a short registration process at www.eaton.eu/publications.

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