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One-stop shop for vacuum interrupter replacements, repairs, and testing

Marianne Evans, Digital Editor


Tags: News

Vacuum Interrupters, developer of the CE-compliant MAC vacuum interrupter test and circuit breaker timer (CBT) systems, is also a supplier of CE-compliant replacement vacuum interrupters, pole assemblies, and replacement vacuum interrupter parts and components for virtually any manufacturer’s medium-voltage circuit breaker or contactor.

Vacuum Interrupters offers a wide selection of replacements rated up to 38kV, 3000A, including replacements for all major OEM equipment from GE, Eaton, CH, Westinghouse, ABB, Siemens, and many more.

In addition to complete replacements, Vacuum Interrupters stocks thousands of vacuum interrupter pole assemblies and replacement components for virtually any manufacturer’s medium-voltage circuit breaker. Through the Pole Assembly Exchange Program, Vacuum Interrupters offers complete pole assemblies for many common vacuum circuit breakers. If the part is hard to find or unavailable, our engineers can quickly design replacement or custom vacuum interrupters to fit your specific needs.

Vacuum Interrupters also offers rental vacuum circuit breakers to cover your equipment while it’s being serviced, as well as a SF6 gas-recycling and -reclaiming service, which means we can fix and recharge your expensive SF6-based gear so it can be put back into service.

Finally, Vacuum Interrupters is proud to offer the world’s first CE-compliant MAC-TS4 vacuum interrupter tester, the only test set capable of predicting the remaining life of your vacuum interrupters in the field or shop. 

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