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Power Continuity Data Centre all under one umbrella

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: Data Centre Management

Topics: Data Centre Management

How deep is your love? Data centres have a sell by date by which is when ‘upgrades’ need to take place. Love it or loath it, the infrastructure of a data centre does require replacement with new equipment at least every 10 years.

How deep is your love for what was installed 10 years ago or more? Do you feel that was money well spent at the time and you’re not doing that again in hurry? Perhaps you try the ‘blinkered’ approach by suggested that if it ‘ain't broke don’t touch it’ because it works? Well it may for now, but believe me, MCCB breakers fail and ACBs fail too. If you don’t maintain MCCBs and ACBs then your chance of failure is even higher. You may have spent tens of millions on your DC and yet one failed ACB can bring you down, today!

What else?

UPS systems require regular firmware upgrades, battery impedance and load banking. Yes, large UPS systems do require load banking in the same way that diesel generators require regular load banking. When was the last time this was implemented? Written records exist? Or maybe not?

On the same basis, have you carried a mechanical survey of your A/C systems? You may have a ‘state of the art’ DC and yet  if the A/C fails you’re down, whatever your power protection system has to offer.

What’s next to worry about? Transformers. Have you recently checked them for any phase shift? Whilst you may feel comfortable so far, we can then look at the fire suppression systems. When were these last upgraded?

Next time you’re in a DC look up and what do you see? If you see sprinkler systems that were installed years ago then start to get very worried.

Power Continuity designs and installs cutting edge 100 per cent power protect systems designed working with partners; Emerson, Chloride, Vertiv , Riello, Piller & Active Power partners.

The most critical operations need the best available power continuity and that means https://powercontinuity.co.uk. We do what our name suggests – Power Continuity.

Over the years, Power Continuity has expanded its expertise power protection also into designing and installing fire suppression systems and air con systems in conjunction with the total ‘no break’ seamless power protection systems. Total Data Centre Power package under one umbrella.

Prevention is better than cure

Service & maintenance records are a positive starting point, although weekly and monthly ‘on load’ tests will prove your systems work.

Nervous to test?

Let Power Continuity engineers be by your side when you carry out a mains fail test. Critical power is what we do. Power Continuity is what we install. With our 25 years of experience in the Critical Power Installation field, some of your own daily activities are already power protected by Power Continuity installed systems.

From banks to hospitals, from pharmaceuticals to manufacturing, our power continuity systems operate 24/7, year in and year out, protecting our clients from a vulnerable GRID supply.

Want to feel the love of power at your finger tips? Get in control, call us at Power Continuity on 0845 055 8455 or visit: https://powercontinuity.co.uk  We’re here to help 24/7/365.

Or check out our official Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Youtube channels.

Power Continuity

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