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Protecting workers from the dangers of arc fault

Electrical Engineering


Tags: Hazardous Area Equipment

Topics: Hazardous Area Equipment, Safety in Engineering

Worldwide arc fault accidents are the predominant cause of accidents during work on electrical installations. In the event of an electric arc flash, workers are exposed to temperatures of more than 10,000°C. Severe burns, injury and death are the possible tragic consequences with the hand and head region particularly at risk of being burnt by arc faults.

During live working and working in the vicinity of live parts, high quality protective clothing minimises the risk of injury in case of an arc fault and prevents severe burns. Protective clothing will only provide protection if it is suited for the work performed and used at all times.

DEHN + SÖHNE have developed a new arc fault tested safety helmet with visor, arc fault tested gloves and an arc fault tested suit (see Electrical Engineering - Dec/Jan 2013) as part of its personal protective equipment range. The DEHNcare range of Arc Fault Protective clothing combines wearing comfort and maximum protection, reducing the risk of injury due to an arc fault during work on electrical installations.

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