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S&C selects Quartzelec to help keep the wind powering its UK installations

Lisa Peake, Editor


Tags: Energy Efficiency

Topics: Power, Energy Efficiency

Quartzelec has just entered into a long-term collaboration agreement with S&C Electric Company to support its PureWaveDSTATCOM Distributed Static Compensator units installed in wind farms across the UK and Ireland

S&C, a leader in the design, installation and commissioning of static-compensation technology across the globe has entrusted Quartzelec, a leading UK independent electrical engineering group, to be the service provider of choice to service and maintain these units in the field.

Dean Bridle, Manager of Projects & Field Service at S&C Electric Company commenting on the contract said: “To provide first-class service, S&C was careful to choose the right subcontractor to assist with the maintenance work. Quartzelec was brought on board only after a rigorous selection and training regime that made sure it had the skills and expertise necessary to ensure S&C’s standards for quality were maintained; and we look forward to a long and successful working relationship with them.”

S&C’s PureWave DSTATCOM units provide a fast-compensating reactive power source that is applied on the transmission or distribution system to reduce voltage variations such as sags, surges and flicker along with instability caused by rapidly varying reactive power demand. S&C has DSTATCOM units installed at British and Irish wind farms, with an installed capacity in excess of 500 MW.

“We have completed a variety of projects within the renewables market, specifically wind farms, over the past few years, and as soon as we first spoke to S&C, we knew that this long-term collaboration agreement would be extremely beneficial to both parties as well as the equipment end users,” added Jamie Burns, General Manager of Quartzelec Aberdeen. “S&C is a leader in its field and it is a pleasure to be selected as the service provider to assist with the support of the company’s units. The PureWave DSTATCOM Distributed Static Compensator is leading technology and it has already proved to be a great experience working with the S&C team and gaining access to the vast knowledge base within their business.”

S&C Electric Company is a global provider of equipment and services for transmission and distribution electrical power systems. S&C specialises in switching and protection systems, smart grid applications, energy storage, and renewable integration. The company also develops and manufactures reliable innovative products, delivering integrated solutions that provide the best long-term value to its customers. 

Quartzelec has an annual turnover in excess of £60m and a heritage that stretches back more than 80 years with the ability to design, manufacture, repair, refurbish and rewind large, project critical motors and generators, relying on its extensive library of design drawings and a full design department. It also has a rapidly expanding electrical contracting business and has the ability to work on any OEM-manufactured machine and/or equipment, including those built by its previous heritage companies such as GEC Machines, GEC Alsthom Large Machines, ALSTOM and Cegelec.


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