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Sealing the deal for offshore wind projects

Joe Bush, Editor


Tags: News

Global cable and pipe seal manufacturer Roxtec, has sealed a partnership with wind energy solutions provider EPDL to work on a succession of offshore wind farm projects.

Roxtec will design and manufacture cable seals that protect high voltage equipment from saltwater ingress while exposed to the harsh offshore environment. The Roxtec solution will be used in electrical control cabinets produced by St Helens based EPDL as they remain exposed to the elements during the construction of wind turbines at sea.

Roxtec UK managing director, Graham O’Hare, said the partnership demonstrates Roxtec’s increasing use to seal offshore equipment.

“EPDL has provided its services to over 40 sites across the continent and has an exciting pipeline of projects which we are delighted to be partnering on,” said O’Hare. “Our continued work with the firm will see the Roxtec product used in a range of projects including the Lincs offshore wind farm in the North Sea.”

Roxtec seals will be used to protect 33kV HV power cables penetrating through the entry plate in the base of the enclosures to safeguard sensitive electrical equipment and wiring from the incredibly harsh exposed conditions.

O’Hare continued, “Roxtec cabinet seals are lightweight, but tough and durable. They are specified to an IP rating which is the industry standard for water protection. Each seal allows multiple cables and pipes to be sealed through one opening.”

O’Hare added that he is optimistic about Roxtec’s future in the wind farm sector as the firm has been utilised on every offshore windfarm in Europe.

“Roxtec operates across many market sectors. However, we have considerable knowledge of the offshore industry and with the massive investment being ploughed into wind energy, we see it as a key long term growth area for our business. The fact that the UK is at the heart of Europe’s wind farm industry means Roxtec has a big role to play in winning more business and growing our reputation. We hope our collaboration with EPDL will strengthen our offering to the wind energy sector by combining our experience, expertise and contacts.”

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