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Signify rated as global leader in smart street lighting by Guidehouse Insights

Niamh Marriott, Editor


Tags: Lighting

Topics: Lighting

Signify has been rated as the global leader in smart street lighting by Guidehouse Insights (formerly Navigant Research). The report places Signify as a clear first, both in strategy and execution, a position that the company has held since 2018. According to Guidehouse Insights, Signify has a clear, compelling vision that is effectively communicated to the industry and a strong market presence globally through the deployment of large-scale connected street lighting projects in multiple world regions.

Guidehouse Insights defines smart street lighting as the use of advanced technologies for the efficient operation, monitoring, and management of streetlighting within a smart city strategy. Smart streetlighting is enabled by a variety of technologies, including sensors, control nodes, gateways, cameras, wireless communications, and data analytics. “Signify has deployed large-scale connected street lighting projects in multiple world regions with a strong product portfolio that is recognized in the market as being reliable, mature, and of high quality,” says Eric Woods, research director at Guidehouse Insights.

Interact City is Signify’s connected lighting system for monitoring, controlling, and managing LED street lighting. Interact City enables cities to be smarter, reduce energy consumption and operational costs, and become more livable and safer for its citizens. A set of application programming interfaces (APIs) permits the integration of connected lighting with other management systems, as well as the development of data-enabled services that can make use of data collected via sensors embedded in the lighting system. Signify has successfully implemented over 2,000 projects in 58 countries. Large-scale smart street lighting projects have been deployed for the New York Power Authority, US; Pune, India; Cologne, Germany; Jakarta, Indonesia; Buenos Aires, Argentina and Los Angeles, California.

The Guidehouse Insights Smart Street Lighting Vendors research report offers an evaluation of 18 vendors in the smart street lighting market across the globe and focuses on providers of connected lighting controls, software, and networking solutions. It also assesses the degree to which companies are integrating their smart street lighting solutions with the broader smart cities market.

“Such a strong and credible endorsement by Guidehouse Insights is testament to the great work our teams are doing in innovation and adding value for our customers through lighting for smart cities. It’s outstanding that we’ve retained this leadership position in a continuously growing competitive landscape,” says Harsh Chitale, Division Leader Digital Solutions at Signify.

Signify’s secure connected lighting development process

Besides being ranked as global leader in smart street lighting by Guidehouse Insights, Signify is the first lighting company worldwide that has been awarded the security certification for its connected lighting development process by DEKRA (IEC62443-4-1). This confirms that the company's development of connected lighting systems, including Interact City, is based on a certified secure development process and illustrates the company’s leadership in embedding security in all aspects of its innovations, products, systems, and services.

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