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Sirena’s Industrial LED Traffic lights have Traffic under control

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: Lighting

Topics: Lighting

Available from specialist distributor Switchtec, the TLine series of modular lighting devices from Sirena, provides flexibility in industrial traffic management applications. Consisting of a range of Bases and Coloured Lenses, which can be ordered separately or pre-assembled, the TLine can offer the traditional Red, Amber & Green Traffic Light Colours but can also be completely customisable.

The TLine has been designed to accept any modules from Sirena’s popular MLine product range. This design feature gives the TLine user complete flexibility with the product, its colours and signal output. The TLine can offer multiple options including Continuous, Flashing or Rotating Light effects as well as an Audible output when using the Multi-tone Sounder or Combined Sounder-Beacon option. Alternate colours can be specified, as well as the common Red Amber & Green, Blue & Clear Lenses are also available. However, by using the multicoloured LED Lens the TLine can be set up to offer a White, Amber, Yellow, Red, Cyan, Green, Magenta or Blue.

The TLine is available in either 2 Module or 3 Module units and its construction enables the easy change of lenses, if a change of colour or function is needed. Available in 12-24VAC/DC and 120-240VAC and utilizing super bright LED technology ensures better vibration resistance, higher reliability, reduced energy consumption, improved optical performance, longer life and significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

Manufactured from self-extinguishing polycarbonate the units have a high resistance to impacts. CE & UL approved and with an Ingress Protection rating of IP66 the TLine is suitable for many outdoor applications and can provide solutions for industrial traffic signalling, traffic control, Security Systems, construction & machine building environments, car parks, pedestrian crossing points & access control systems.

Sirena’s TLine & MLine family provides flexibility to customers, stockists and distributors by the use of a modular system. The customer simply orders the colours they need, output type, the required voltage, then by use of Sirena’s simple assembly mechanism, assemble the colour modules in the order required.

Accessories include a surface mounting bracket which gives 180-degree angle adjustment, a pole mounting adapter, Mounting Poles and Lens Visors.

As more vehicles take to the roads it is imperative to safely manage on site industrial traffic with the use of a traffic management system. A well-managed system will allow the efficient movement of traffic across a site whilst ensuring maximum safety for pedestrians and vehicle users. Industrial traffic lights, whilst providing a safer environment, also enhance the extent to which you can control a site. Certain vehicles can be directed to certain places at specific times and directing vehicles to go and where they should not. This is particularly useful when loading and unloading vehicles, roller shutter doors and controlling the movement of material handling equipment between warehouses.

The complete range of Sirena TLine & MLine is available ex stock from Switchtec, www.switchtec.com

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