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Smart underfloor heating: the new Raychem Senz thermostats optimise energy usage

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: Energy Efficiency

Topics: Power, Energy Efficiency

The new Raychem SENZ range of responsive thermostats allows installers to optimise energy efficiency in floor heating systems. The technology is designed to offer homeowners an effective way to manage and monitor energy usage through an easy-to-use display and Wi-Fi enabled app.?

Raychem's new SENZ range is available with an innovative touchscreen functionality and Wi-Fi capability, allowing users to quickly respond to changing temperatures in the home and adjust their underfloor heating accordingly. The technology works though several pre-set programs, which can be automatically adjusted to start when a certain temperature is reached. 

?With the SENZ range, homeowners can monitor underfloor heating consumption for the past week, month and year, to help understand and optimise energy usage and efficiency. The SENZ-WIFI system can connect up to 32 zones or rooms, enabling homeowners to manage settings via a smartphone or tablet. 


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