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Socomec's smart power – on tour!

Electrical Engineering


New rapid response containerised critical power solution - coming to a location near you.

Socomec UPS has developed a pre-engineered and factory-tested containerised critical power system – the Smart PowerPort – to allow organisations to rapidly respond to unforeseen or urgent requirements for additional critical power. The launch is to be celebrated with a four week tour across nine major European cities.

The system provides future-proofing for mission critical power applications by ramping incremental power capacity – precisely when and where it is needed most.

The energy efficiency - verified by TÜV and Bureau Veritas - and scalability of the Socomec UPS systems within the Smart PowerPort help minimise Power Usage Efficiency (PuE) without high risk capital expenditure. Furthermore, the system is flexible in terms of both sizes and architecture. Supplying from 100 kW to 2.4 MW, the units are completely portable enabling you to build a power support system that can evolve to meet a facility’s changing needs.

Socomec can develop a complete Smart PowerPort turnkey solution for most applications – and the unit is robust enough to be used in both temporary and permanent installations. François Parniere, Market Development Director of Socomec UPS commented, “At Socomec we understand the difficulty that organisations face in planning their critical power needs. The ability to turn on capacity at short notice can be vital when supporting critical facilities and can make the difference between winning and losing a major contract. The Smart PowerPort has been developed with this in mind and provides users with a rapidly deployable and scalable critical power system which can be operational far faster than a conventional bricks and mortar solution. As a market-focused manufacturer with significant R&D capability and a global network of specialist engineers, Socomec is perfectly positioned to deliver new product developments such as the Smart PowerPort - providing the optimum turnkey solution for our customers’ demanding applications. Furthermore, we will work closely with our customers throughout a project – and throughout a product’s lifecycle – to ensure that we deliver the best solution for their precise requirements on an ongoing basis.”

The Smart PowerPort contains Socomec’s highly efficient UPS devices, energy storage, input andoutput distribution panels, fire protection, access control, battery monitoring and a cooling system to ensure system stability and safe power distribution. The units are EN-1047 compliant, dust, fire, water and flood protected, and have thermal insulation of 0.42W/m2K. In addition, the solutions offer 33dB of acoustic insulation as standard. With 20 dB of electromagnetic protection to help overcome any unexpected electrical disturbances, continuous data access and uninterrupted system operation are guaranteed.

Join the Smart Power Tour as the Smart PowerPort travels across Europe - a unique opportunity to take an in-depth look at the unit and its components, as well as to understand how the system could benefit your organisation.

The four-week road-trip starts on 8th March at the Socomec factory in Vicenza, Italy, before moving through Spain and Portugal, and then onto France, the UK and Belgium before concluding in Germany on 2nd April.

For further information on the Smart Power Tour, contact Socomec UPS today: call SOCOMEC UPS UK on +44 (0) 1285 863 327 or email info.ups.uk@socomec.com.


Vicenza, Italy Thursday 8th March 2012

Barcelona, Spain Monday 12th March 2012

Madrid, Spain Wednesday 14th March 2012

Lisbon, Portugal Friday 16th March 2012

Paris, France Thursday 22nd March 2012

London, England Monday 26th March 2012

Lille, France Wednesday 28th March 2012

Brussels, Belgium Thursday 29th March 2012

Stuttgart, Germany Monday 2nd April 2012

Company Profile

SOCOMEC Group is an independent manufacturer specialising in the distribution, control and quality of power supplies serving low-voltage electrical networks, industry and the services sector. Created in 1922, the industrial group has developed two business areas: Solutions for control and power (Load break switches for controlling machines or power distribution, complete solutions for energy management and monitoring, etc.) and UPS (uninterruptible systems, load transfer modules, rectifiersbattery chargers, harmonic equalisers).

With 23 subsidiaries throughout the world, 9 industrial sites (France, Italy, Tunisia, India, China) and a 383 million turnover, SOCOMEC combines technological innovation and technical know-how with highquality pre- and post- sales services.

SOCOMEC UPS, part of the group, is a leading company in the business continuity sector. It is the ultimate representative in terms of the following applications: ICT, Data Centres, Healthcare, Transport, Industry, Commerce, Public Administration and Finance, devising efficient, reliable and scalable solutions.

SOCOMEC-branded UPS systems offer high performance levels and save a considerable amount of energy. The company observes the European Commission's Code of Conduct by adopting its best practices while participating in the UN Global Compact initiative; it has also signed up to the Green Grid association.

For further information: www.socomec.com

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