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The Datacenter Group acquires data centres in the Netherlands

Carly Wills, Editor


Tags: Data Centre Management

Topics: Data Centre Management

The Datacenter Group (TDCG) from the Netherlands has acquired the data centre infrastructure of NovoServe in Doetinchem and Enschede, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. 

By selling its two data centres, NovoServe is able to apply focus to its international IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) hosting activities, whilst TDCG expands its regional coverage. This acquisition therefore benefits the growth strategy of both companies. Through focus on core activities both businesses are able to realise their ambitions for growth.

The acquisition was preceded by almost a year of research in which both companies investigated the different collaboration options. Edwin Kennedy, chief commercial officer at TDCG, said: “Providing IaaS hosting is really a different type of specialisation as opposed to managing a data centre infrastructure and hosting data and applications in a private cloud, which is a growing market for us. The latter really requires much more consultancy and customer guidance.”
TDCG wants to grow to a network with national coverage consisting of ten data centres, one in each region of the Netherlands. Its locations in Amsterdam, Delft, Utrecht and Rotterdam already provide great coverage in the greater Amsterdam area. After this expansion to the eastern part of the Netherlands, TDCG is taking concrete steps to expand to the north and south of the country as well.
Many of the customers TDCG and NovoServe will be serving together are located in Germany and Eastern Europe. This fits perfectly with the international growth ambitions of TDCG. 

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