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The Defence Industry Is A Great Space For Electrical Engineers

Niamh Marriott, Editor


Tags: News

When you’re just starting out as an electrical engineer, there are a wide variety of specialist industries that you can enter into, each with its own merits and challenges.

One industry that can sometimes get overlooked is the defence industry, with flashier, potentially more lucrative markets, such as consumer technology, chosen over defence. Despite this, the defence industry offers a wide array of benefits for ambitious electrical engineers.

To help you understand the reasons why the defence industry is a great market for electrical engineers, we’ve outlined the benefits this diverse market has to offer.

The Defence Market Is Vitally Important To Safety

One of the best things about the defence market is that it is a crucial part of the corporate landscape. Without it, businesses, individuals, governments, and service providers around the world would be at the mercy of criminals. As such, by working in this market you’ll be helping to keep people, and their livelihoods, safe.

It’s A Proactive Industry

The defence industry is constantly evolving, as the threats it faces are doing so also. That means that if you enter into this market, then you’ll be able to work with, for, and alongside some of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the world. One example of these is Qinetiq, which provides cutting-edge defence sector services. You can read more about Qinetiq here, to see just one of the many ground-breaking organisations working tirelessly to enrich the defence sector and improve its collective knowledge.

You’ll Be Working On Game-Changing Projects

From the moment you enter the defence market, you’ll be working on some of the world’s most important projects. Whether it’s for a private company or a public sector body, you’ll have the chance to change the market for the better. No matter how small a part you may be playing, your work will always be going towards a grand, vitally important purpose. In the defence market, every project is important, because it forms a part of a noble and vital goal: world safety.

There Are Regular Chances To Learn New Skills

As a constantly evolving market that is regularly changing and has to stay ahead of the latest technologies and criminal habits, the defence market is one of the most fast-paced in the corporate space. That means that you’ll be able to enhance your own personal knowledge and constantly update your skill set. Your organisation will provide you with the tools, resources, and time to improve your knowledge and allow you to learn how to use new programmes, technologies and equipment. For proactive individuals who enjoy learning, this is a great sector to work in.

You Can Learn From Some Of The Best

In many jobs, entry-level staff have limited contact with industry experts and those at the top of their organisation, but in the defence market they often work closely alongside one another. That means that throughout your career, you’ll be able to collaborate with, and learn from, industry-leading visionaries. This will provide you with amazing experiences and the chance to achieve your career goals with help from industry leaders.   

The Defence Market Offers You A Chance To See The World

Many major defence companies operate internationally, and that means that you could have the chance to travel the world as you work. This is a unique opportunity for you to grow and flourish, both as an electrical engineer and an individual.

There Are A Wide Range Of Choices For Electrical Engineers Looking For Jobs

The defence industry encompasses physical defence, as well as cybersecurity, so there’ll be plenty of choices for electrical engineers looking for a new job and an area to specialise in. Many major companies operate divisions in the defence market, meaning that you’ll be able to apply for roles with some of the largest and best employers in the world.

You Could Even Set Up Your Own Business

Not everyone is suited to working for an organisation, which is why the diverse defence industry is a great space for a wide range of individuals. If you find that you struggle to work under authority, then you can establish your own company and bid for contracts or provide technology. This will give you the freedom you crave and the chance to work for yourself.

The Skills Shortage Means You’ll Have Your Pick Of Great Opportunities

Throughout the engineering market, the skills shortage is causing havoc for many companies and organisations. This is also true in the defence market, and because the industry is so crucial to the survival and success of many organisations and individuals, employers are constantly looking to attract the best talent on the market by offering incredible salaries and benefits. As such, if you decide to move into the defence industry as an electrical contractor, you will quickly find yourself in high demand. 

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