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This is not just lighting, this is M&S lighting!

Joe Bush, Editor


Tags: Lighting

Topics: Lighting

Luxonic Lighting has provided the interior lighting controls and the back of house luminaires for Marks & Spencer’s flagship store in the north west. A leading UK manufacturer in LED and interior luminaires, Luxonic has played a major part in lighting many M&S stores across the country.

The retailer’s latest sustainable learning store in Cheshire Oaks, South Wirral, is the most carbon efficient M&S store to date, with a 35% reduction in carbon consumption in comparison with other stores of a similar size. Luxonic Lighting contributes to this through its own commitment to the environment and its goal of sustainability.

Specified through its long term relationship with M&S, Luxonic has provided the back of house lighting and control system for the store interior. The incorporation of DALI technology, a protocol for lighting controls and dimming, enables effective energy management, and provides M&S with the tools for reducing its energy costs. Alan Chisholm of Marks and Spencer said, “We have worked with Luxonic for many years now and are always impressed with the products. They are well designed, high quality luminaires that contribute significantly to our goal of sustainability.”

Luxonic has provided intelligent luminaires which are installed throughout the stockrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and offices at Marks & Spencer. The luminaires, from Luxonic’s ECODIM range, are fitted with an integral PIR sensor and a light level detector for daylight. They can detect presence and can be set to maintain minimum light level while the space is unoccupied. These are highly efficient luminaires which can be remotely programmed using an infra-red handset.

The communications room, plant room and staircases at M&S use fluorescent luminaires with energy saving T5 lamps, while the under canopy lights are Luxonic’s CDC range of circular die cast aluminium high frequency luminaires with integral dusk to dawn photocells. The lighting choices made by Marks & Spencer with Luxonic’s products contribute to the architectural and design strategy that has made M&S at Cheshire Oaks a success for sustainability.

The environmental impact of a Luxonic luminaire is assessed from its conception through to the end of its life and it is this sustainable and energy efficient approach which has confirmed its specification for the lighting of M&S at Cheshire Oaks.

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