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TrustMark set to take over technical monitoring

Carly Wills, Editor


Tags: News

TrustMark is preparing to take over the duty of administering technical monitoring from Ofgem during the next year.

Energy suppliers are required to conduct technical and score monitoring inspections on ECO measures installed at people’s homes to ensure the required standards of installation are met and the energy efficiency improvements are scored accurately.

However, the processes used by energy suppliers are based on interpretations of the requirements and the application is seen by many as variable. 

Following a consultation by Ofgem, TrustMark, the only Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, has been given responsibility for the technical monitoring process and for conducting score monitoring inspections.

TrustMark has partnered with Bierce Surveying Ltd to support a pilot project, which will assess the current technical monitoring practices and devise a new framework of delivery including the monitoring of PAS2035:2019 outputs to ensure a consistent standard across the industry. 

Whilst PAS2035:2019 monitoring will start sooner, TrustMark will then develop a procedure to roll out the new technical monitoring methodology in 2021, which will include both PAS2035:2019 monitoring and technical monitoring. Working with Ofgem, TrustMark can then take on full administering duties from Ofgem.  

Phil Mason, head of compliance at TrustMark said: “The amended ECO3 obligations aim to improve quality standards across the energy sector and give consumers higher levels of confidence and protection when having work carried out in and around their home. 

“Technical monitoring is an important part of ECO3 – consumers rely on experts to ensure the required standards of installation are met and improvements are scored accurately. We know there are some high standards of work being carried out in this area, but we also understand there are pockets of inconsistencies where consumers are not being given the quality service they deserve. 

“We will work with industry to ensure consistent quality monitoring is provided to consumers and to establish how technical monitoring can be expanded out beyond just ECO funded energy efficiency retrofit.”

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