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Urmet adds to its versatile MIRO range

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: Fire & Security

Topics: Fire & Security, Safety in Engineering

Urmet UK, the leading door entry and access control specialist, has introduced a hands-free internal audio apartment station, ideal for student accommodation and affordable housing developments. The MIRO Audio hands-free unit can be used with Urmet’s 2-wire (2-Voice) system and other compatible external entry panels. It gives clients advanced user functions while allowing installers to use just two wires for a simple and fast installation.

The new MIRO product, which has super-compact dimensions, enables users to speak with callers at the entrance panel through a high-quality microphone and speaker unit. The apartment station can be either wall-mounted or fitted with a flush-mounted casing. The front panel has backlit activation buttons and multicolour indicator LEDs to give users visual notification that a call is in progress. There is also a door release button.

Users benefit from a range of useful features, such as opening a secondary door or interior door and two programmable intercom calls. There is also a floor call function to summon lifts.

The MIRO Audio hands-free unit has the sleek lines associated with Urmet’s continental design process and helps developers and architects achieve a minimalist look with its high-gloss finish. The product measures just 118mm x 80mm and is exceptionally slim, with a depth of just 9mm.

Urmet sees an opportunity to supply secure door entry to all accommodation types. This audio station caters for the social and affordable housing sector and is compatible with audio-only external entry panels. It is also ideal for student accommodation, where a concierge is present, or as a secondary device to complement a MIRO hands-free video master station. For mid-range and luxury accommodation, Urmet offers external colour video entry panels and indoor stations as part of its popular MIRO range.

Compatible with home automation

Urmet’s MIRO line-up is about making life easier for users, enabling them to control their living spaces better. The MIRO Audio hands-free unit has two programmable buttons for wireless interface with Yokis devices. These allow common home automation scenarios to be automated. Typically, this involves the opening and shutting of roller blinds and the switching or dimming of lights.

Rapid installation

As with all of the Urmet 2-Voice range, integrators using the hands-free MIRO audio station need only work with one twisted pair from a Cat5 cable between the entrance panel and the apartments, with no reliance on additional switchgear. This makes for rapid, hassle-free installation that minimises disruption to the client’s operations. It is also ideal for refurbishments (especially on listed properties) where the use of the existing cable system means few, if any, structural alterations are necessary. This benefit is likely to be a selling point to property managers and architects.

The MIRO Audio can be used in hands-free or ‘push-to-talk’ modes. It offers all the functions needed by users and property managers to fine-tune door entry capabilities to their exact needs. These features include output for call repeating, two programmable intercom calls, call volume regulation, ringer selection and mute function.

Mark Hagger, Urmet’s Sales and Marketing Director, explains: “Hands-free operation of an internal station can be crucial for buildings where a more robust station is required with no handset cord. That is why this MIRO audio station has been developed, after feedback from developers. We’re keen that this core hands-free functionality should run right across the MIRO range of internal stations increasing opportunities in market areas such as student accommodation.”

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