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VoIP features every business package needs to have

Sarah Mead, Editor


Tags: News

It is quite clear why the traditional hard-phone is slowly but surely being replaced by VoIP services. While the former still makes use of phone lines to get the message across, the latter instead makes use of the Internet. For most businesses that exist today, the potential of VoIP services far outclasses hard-phones, making it the obvious choice. It is the reason why 2 of the top VoIP market leaders have risen to the upper echelons of success from humble beginnings.

That said, it does not mean that you can choose just any type of VoIP service out there. Just like any other service being provided for your business, it is vital that you collect as much data as you can to make an informed decision. Here are VoIP features every business package needs to have!

No VoIP package is complete without intensive coaching capabilities

What is the point of having a quality VoIP system if your employees are all having a difficult time using it? Most quality providers understand that their services will only be effective if there is a means for coaches to help keep things under control while new employees are still getting the hang of the on boarding process.

For example, most quality business packages will have a whisper feature, that will allow coaches to speak to their agents without necessarily interrupting their current call. It is an invaluable feature to have, alongside other features that prioritise the ability to coach the inexperienced.

Quality conferencing features

Thanks to the power of the Internet, most businesses are able to conduct meetings without having to pay for any travel expenses through the use of audio and video conferencing. Fortunately, you will find that most VoIP business packages come with both audio and video conferencing. The best part is that since it is not limited by phone lines, you will be able to hold conferences with people all over the world without any hassle whatsoever.

Advanced call forwarding

While call forwarding is a relatively simple process, it does not mean that your business can overlook just how useful it can be. It is vital that the VoIP package you get for your business includes an advanced call forwarding feature, with the ability to help connect your clients with the right person right away.

Smart forwarding also involves ringing a series of phones depending on priority. For example, if a client calls and the agent is not at their desk, it could very well be set to ring their smartphone.

While it is true that most VoIP services come packaged with the above features, not all of them put enough focus on the most essential VoIP features for a business. To make the most out of the potential of using VoIP services, ensure that the package you are interested in acquiring has all of the features mentioned above - that way, your business will benefit and undoubtedly thrive.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/call-center-headset-woman-service-2944063/

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