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What’s fueling the UPS market?

Electrical Engineering


Tags: News

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan has highlighted the continued growth in the European UPS market. The research covers a range of vertical application segments including data centres, healthcare, commercial, industrial and public/infrastructure.

Frost & Sullivan’s Gautham Gnanajothi noted, “The demand for continuous power availability has become the most important driver for the European UPS market. For certain end users like banks and data centres, power availability is crucial - even a minute of down-time leads to huge monetary losses. This is pushing the demand for smart, reliable and energy efficient UPS systems.”

As competition intensifies, participants are being forced to reduce their prices. Such price pressures are limiting the growth and margins of most manufacturers, while affecting overall market revenues.

Gnanajothi added, “End users keen on reducing their capital expenditure tend to opt for cheaper products. However, this is changing as end users realise that higher priced, energy efficient UPS systems enable considerable savings in terms of total cost of ownership.”


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